Friday, November 19, 2004

TiVo Television

Since the introduction of TiVo in 1999, digital video recorders have attracted a growing base of fans who say the devices have altered more than their viewing habits.

In 1998, design engineers at TiVo, the Silicon Valley company that helped introduce the digital video recorder to the world, set out to produce a distinctive remote control.

My programs will be recorded
I can hang out with my friends an watch later
It changed my life
Skip the commercials
Get back after your phone call
New quality of my time
One button ahead

DIRECTV® DVR (digital video recorder) with TiVo® combines the best entertainment with unprecedented control and convenience to create the ultimate TV viewing experience.With a DIRECTV DVR, the power to watch what you want, when you want is literally at your fingertips. Digitally record up to 35 hours* of your favorite programming, record two shows at once**, pause and rewind live TV and much more - it's all as simple as the touch of a button on your remote control.
About a dozen collaborative software projects are in the works that will transform a spare computer, or one built from off-the-shelf parts, into a homemade digital video recorder, or DVR.
They can record multiple shows simultaneously, archive shows to video CD, play digital music and computer games and display photographs and local weather forecasts.
Boxes from TiVo and ReplayTV offer some of the same functions, of course, but they charge extra for features like programming information, streaming music and displaying photos.
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