Sunday, December 12, 2004

Truckloads of data

Gadget lovers are so hungry for digital data many are carrying the equivalent of 10 trucks full of paper in "weight". Music, images, e-mails, and texts are being hoarded on mobiles, cameras laptops and PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants).
Transfer of data between different memory types has improved significantly in recent times, and will be further helped by the standards for hard drives which are currently being developed by the major manufacturers
  1. One gigabyte (1,073,741,824 bytes) is the equivalent of a pick-up truck filled with paper
  2. The amount of data people are squirreling away on their gadgets is clearly a sign that people are finding more things to do with their data storage devices and mobile tools
  3. As storage capabilities increase and the features and functionalities of mobile devices expand to support movie files and entire libraries of multi-media content, we will soon carry virtual movie theatres with us
  4. People are looking for more than just phone calls and text messages on the move, they want things like web browsing, e-mailing, music, photos, micromovies and more
  5. It is also getting easier to transfer files from one device to another, which has traditionally been a slow and problematic area
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