Monday, February 21, 2005

Call Centres

Customers trying to get through to call centres are getting impatient and quicker to hang up. The drop in patience comes as the number of calls to call centres is growing at a rate of 20% every year.

Customers are getting used to the idea of an 'always available' society. One possible reason for the lack in patience is the fact that more customers are calling 'on the move' using their mobile phones.

  1. You can make call centres perform anywhere if you have good management and the right processes in place.
  2. Suggestions that "outsourcing" - relocating call centres to low-cost countries like India or South Africa - is to blame are wrong,
  3. Problems are occurring because increased responsibility is not going hand-in-hand with more training.
  4. There are "no big differences in wait time and call resolution" between call centres based in Europe or North America and those in developing countries around the world.
  5. Poor training frustrates both call centre workers and customers.

The real problem is a serious lack of training for those who work in call centers, meaning that those individuals are unable to help callers with their problems.

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