Saturday, March 05, 2005

Online | All wired up

Guardian Unlimited Online All wired up: "Once the preserve of first-class business lounges, the mobile internet is fast becoming a reality. Last month, Southern Trains announced it was rolling out Wi-Fi access along its London to Brighton route. For about the cost of a bacon sandwich, commuters will soon be able enjoy internet access as they race across the Ouse viaduct. Not to be outdone, service station operator Moto said it was installing Wi-Fi hotspots at 43 of its motorway locations and you will even be able to check email at 35,000 feet: Boeing is installing Wi-Fi access points in its new fleet of long-haul aircraft. "

We had the opportunity to investigate the popularity of mobile and wifi-solutions in France during 28.4. to 4.5.2005.
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