Monday, March 13, 2006

CES is so big

Record breaking 2006 International CES reflects strength of consumer technology industry CES attracts 150,000 and serves as global launchpad for 2,500 exhibitors.

There are so many flatscreens on the expo floor. 25 00 companies, it is a mad house, it is crazyness. Those who have to go to CES are salesmen that need to do sales. At Comdex dealers meet the vendors. Comdex lost its focus. They started to focus on entreprises. CES had to absorb Combedx. Now they have the mix and the result is breath taking. There are pictures on the web about the Comdex.

The absolute worst thing was the media bag. The Toshiba bags. The share number of bags. 6500 media reps are there. Inside this bag is very little news.

There was no really big news at CES. How about they keynote? The part of the stream was so bad that I turned it off. Who cares, the keynote speakers are rich.

Google has a clever marketing team that tryes to bundle it all together. They all do it with their search toolbars. Get the Google toolbar and all that: trouble. Who wants Realplayer. The google installer is good.

Dolby and the yahoo toolbar. Some don't want it ever. Google wants to put ads everywhere. All ads, all time. They have no sense of design at google, they would need designers from Apple. Everybody was waiting for something. Imagien, Bill Gates brings Justin Timberlake and nothing real new, basically its nothing. Why don't they get some heavy hitters to tell about real news? No vision there. This is the digital decade, said Bill Gates Good news. This is 2006. It took some time to realize that.

This is a copy cat. All goes around and comes around. Intel brought up Tom Hanks and Tom Cruise. Why are they bringing these guys there?

The Sony e-reader: what is the point? What do you think about it? It's a cool tool. 15 books battery life. How many hours? They don't count it that way. A very crips display. The price is 400 bucks!

Huge amount of data into small spaces. There is a picture of his site, of the medals he has won. It's a scam. Where did he come from? Who is Adam Chip...

52 inch large screen displays. It's a HDTV Center. There has been no real move from the consumers towards this. Wait and see, take a look at what they announced at the MacWorld Expo the 16 January 2006. TiVo is completely dead, for some times ago. Internet deliverd content is the next thing.

How about the Google video announcement? You can also set or get a price. With iTUnes you pay 99 cents for everything. If anything is worth watching live, it is live.

People are collecting tv-programs. I can't get it. This is American. The media is the message. The quality on iPod is not good, but if you want it as a DVD, then you have to wait for a year. What would you like to see the day before? You can see the superball while waiting for kids to come from training.

Skype message from the airport

iPod with video. What does that cord cost it? It's 30 dollars. What will come up at MacWorld is an updated 6 to 10 Mb of connection speed for my airport. Now he is at the airport. He is looking at the icon. What icon am I sending. It sends pretty good fromw LV. Let me send that little clip.

Some don't even go to the CES show. We let other peoples blogs cover it. Sit at a massive line collection of bloggers. CES is a huge thing this year. Couldn't see much of the show until friday. It was pretty wild: a lot of vendors. The skyper was producing a television from his VAN. He only spent a little time with people on the show. They did a 3 hrs show from the CES.

Video covers a lot of the happening. You guys will see this and giggle. They could have covered the slots of fun and the double down saloon. The 2 dollar tables. In the background we can listen to the airport announcements. Any exciting products out there at show? The Sony reader was the coolest thing. The screen is extraordinary: 80 novels in the book with the battery life.

No power to maintain that page. It's going to last a very long time. Some paperbacks are heavier than the Sony reader. The content was really blocked down and navigation / interface in Japaneese. Does it have some networking? If you put it wireless it will consume a lot of batteries.

RSS: people from PC magazine, MS etc discussed, how people like the Media Player 11. They have a lot of buzz words at MS. We were like Aliens among them. They will not be shipping the player eleven in the beginning with RSS. Will they support the avalance? How much are they really out of touch?

Google pack is made to piss off MS. Maybe it is a stepping stone. Google is around the world. The want to attache ad sense everywhere. They put some extra stuff there. They want to put some targeted ads on blogs and chats. There is a lot of talk and no real thing. How to get the ads out, that's their issue number one. The bulk of their revenues come from their ads. They are an ad sense company.
  • DRM = digital rights management
  • Who are able to see videos?
  • You need to have a special deal
  • Applle tells that they don't want to do deals with millions of individuals
  • There has to be a centralizde system
  • The little guys will be ousted
  • Now they get the big gusy are coming in to take the dealing and wealing
  • Video funtionality for the iPod is the next big thing
  • Videodistribution inside the sw itself
  • The next big thing is video over IP
How much is there IPTV on the show? They do a broadcast network over 10 MHz. Nokia is doing that, it is everywhere. Portables are ready to go with it. A lot of mobile companies. How about all the device makers will be doing it? You have so many players now. What will the consumers do?
  • What about sound?
  • Big torrent - getting videos this way is interesting now
  • Consumers want content without restriction
  • They have to resolve these issues
  • Consumers with multiple devices want to move it between my multiple machines/formats
Are we going to see the same with video? They have been doing something stupid. CD-sales are going down. CD:s cost 2 dollars to make. What does it cost them to make a download? Zero.
  • We talk about creative accounting?
Is video the next frontier. It is way out: a long time to go. Look how quickly this video thing has evolved. HDTV bandwith will not be available at any time soon. EC and balkanzation at the same time. What does that mean? Hi-Fi music is history. Everybody go for low-quality music: MP3.

Sony is ballony. Apple uses iTunes. I got an idea. Topic number two. We are going to do a live, show next week, live for us but on-demand for consumers. We will start at 6:30. Bit torrent services will be presented.

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