Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Going to Beta

I'm in the process of transforming all my blogger blogs to beta, which is a great advantage while I can manage them all without the need to do multiple logins. I think this will give me the opportunity to have a better control over the content on the individual blogs. The basic idea is to have different focuses in different blogs.
  1. Visualradio - Mobile Technology, Big Screens, Signage and Internet
  2. Digital Villages - Information technology and EU cooperation
  3. Cuvia - Visual things, visual assets and contents management
  4. Smart Roads - Road Information Systems
  5. KK-Net - Innovation and Technology, Business Management, Global Operations
  6. Valtatie FIN Road Information
  7. Tietotie FIN I guess somehow related to Travel and Research
  8. Nylands - I'm not yet sure. It could be bioenergy and process management
  9. Niemi Product - is quite clear
  10. CraftDesign - The Frö collection
  11. Tahti - Tähtitaajamat is a pretty localized activity in Finnish
There are quite a few that have to be changed. But this will give me a much better page control.
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