Wednesday, October 25, 2006

What is Drupal?

The Drupal community tries to organize at least two big Drupal events a year: one in North America and one in Europe. Since the first event in February 2005, in Antwerp, Belgium, we called these events "DrupalCons", and usually see the attendance of many core contributors from around the world. What is a DrupalCon?

A DrupalCon is a community-organized event focused on giving existing community members a place in space and time to come together to meet, discuss, development, as well as socialize face to face in real life. While originally being purely developer-focused, DrupalCon has grown to include anyone that is interested in Drupal, with a large concentration of talented developers, consultants, and users together in one place twice a year.

Aside from meeting together, a DrupalCon is an excellent location for discussions on future directions of the Drupal codebase, as well as a chance for working groups to get together and make plans for their next steps.

As well as just talk, you will usually find clusters of interested coders gathered together hacking away on code, whether it be the implementation of the next big thing in Internet standards, a new base look-and-feel, or just a fun widget to track what buzzwords other conference attendees are using this year.

Who should attend?

  • Developers: existing Drupal developers as well as developers that would like to start using the Drupal framework
  • Evaluators: thinking of using Drupal for your home, business, or educational use? Come and get plugged into the vibrant community, with attendees from around the world.
  • Consultants and Designers: looking to add Drupal to your toolkit? Attend a session on theming or interact with existing consultants and development shops to find out more.
  • End users: anyone that uses or interacts with Drupal; come and share your experiences, ask questions, or hang out in the best practices room to learn what else you can do with Drupal.
Past DrupalCons
  • February, 2005 - DrupalCon Antwerp (around FOSDEM 2005)
  • August, 2005 - DrupalCon Portland (around OSCON 2005)
  • October, 2005 - DrupalCon Amsterdam (around EuroOSCON 2005)
  • February 2006 - DrupalCon Vancouver (part of OSCMS Summit)
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