Tuesday, June 26, 2007

District heating at Oslo airport, Norway

District heating at Oslo airport, Norway: "The heating system for Oslo's new international airport at Gardermoen is based on a district heating network relying on heat produced from bioenergy. The system, installed by the company Gardermoen Fjernvarme (GFAS), was built at the same time as the airport and its related infrastructure. The airport opened to air traffic on 18th October 1998, but the heating system was started up a year earlier and used during the construction of the new buildings.

The initial planning of energy systems for Oslo's new international airport began in the early 1990's. A parliamentary resolution stated that the airport buildings should be as environmental friendly as possible. The biofuel plant was the first large-scale plant to be used for only district heating in Norway.

The biofuel boiler has a total output of 6 MW at 50 % fuel moisture. The flue-gas condenser provides 1.2 MW at 50 oC return temperature and 50 % fuel moisture when the bioenergy unit is running at full output. In addition to the bioenergy unit, three 8 MW oil-fired boilers have been installed to help cover peak heating requirements and provide spare capacity. Three electrical boilers were installed in 2000 with a total capacity of 3.6 MW."
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