Sunday, June 03, 2007

Energy Probe - Nuclear Power, Utility Reform - Coal may be in vogue again

Energy Probe - Nuclear Power, Utility Reform - Coal may be in vogue again: "Utility Reform, Regulation & Consumer Protection - Reforming Ontario's Electrical Generation Sector - News and Reports. Printer friendly version Send to a Friend, Toronto Star February 14/2006.

Coal may be in vogue again by Tyler Hamilton | Alberta's Energy Minister Greg Melchin believes coal, whether we like it or not, is poised to become the most important fuel in Canada's future.

And he's not reluctant to say that in Ontario, where the government has vowed to shut all coal-fired plants by 2009. And where the Ministry of Energy estimates nearly 700 people a year die from pollution caused by coal plants, and where more than 300,000 suffer illnesses.

At a business lunch last week in Toronto, Melchin strongly urged Ontario to reconsider its seemingly inflexible position on coal. 'The opportunity is enormous.'

He wasn't just talking about any coal. Melchin was touting 'clean coal' - an umbrella term for a variety of technologies and power-plant designs that promise to take the dirtiest and most abundant fossil fuel on the continent, clean it up and turn it into low-emission electricity.

North America has roughly 250 billion tonnes of recoverable coal reserves, accounting... "

Helge: Toronto, the Lake of Erie and Energy have an important role in the book. I'm collecting background information that will tie the 70's and the present into an interesting bundle.
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