Sunday, August 12, 2007

Green business spurs growth for energy consultants

Green business spurs growth for energy consultants | Environment | Reuters: "By Rebekah Kebede | NEW YORK (Reuters Life!) - As more American companies seek to go green to please environmentally friendly customers and cut costs, energy consultants are reaping the benefit with a surge in business.

Energy consultants are reporting exponential growth in the number of clients seeking advice on saving energy and money. Steven Winters said green was not even on the radar screen when he set up his building service firms, Steven Winters Associates, 35 years ago. But since his first year in business, clients seeking 'green' building services, like advice on energy efficiency, has grown 6,800 percent, said Winters.

In the last five years, the number of clients seeking those services has doubled. Cecily Chanell, a senior sustainability consultant at Steven Winters, said on average the firm can help clients cut about 30 percent of their energy use. Switching out incandescent bulbs and turning the lights off overnight are no-brainer first steps.

But energy efficiency consultants go on to evaluate everything from faucet aeration -- increased water aeration reduces water use and water heating costs -- to daylight harvesting, a technologically sophisticated way to adjust lighting according to the amount of daylight available."
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