Saturday, September 15, 2007

The global warming issue

Sad, desperate, angry of global warming. The perspective of alternative energy. How to make a clean energy transition.

There is political movement in US around clean and renewable energy. There is a lot to be learned.

People speak about their solar energy panels. It will increase the value of the house. Sustainable energy.

Do we have time to turn this around. New steps have to be taken in the next ten years. That is a challenge and opportunity of our generation.

It's an economic opportunity. Zero and low carbon emission technologies are important. They speak about, how to change the world.

Juts think about it. What kind of energy is drying up your t-shirt? Solar energy is the great invention that was used for thousands of years.

What is the alternative to now showing your underwear outside drying in the sun? When we converse energy we loose energy.
  • We have the freedom to do what we want?
  • Finding coal you have to go 300 feet under the ground
  • During the process we loose a lot of energy
  • The power lines are not a beauty
  • Is it the quality of life
  • Hang your underwear out to dry your laundry
Our dependence on oil and gas is discussed. The temperature has been going down for thousand years but in 20 years we have had rapid increase of temperature.
  • The gas price at the pump has tripled in a short time
  • The war in Afghanistan is costing a billion dollars a day?
  • Protecting oil tankers in Iraq
  • Paying for the protection in many ways
Waste grease is used to drive the bus. Vegetable oil is used to drive the fuel. It's carbon neutral. You pay 3 dollars per gallon for diesel. There are a lot of small things we can be doing.

We need to get busy to develop and market the new energy resources. We've to turn our backs to the 100 year old past.
  • Heroic circles to get these technologies to people and their homes
  • Power you home
  • Utility on wheels
  • Sun baked bread with sun owen
Reply by jamesg628 (3 months ago)

Thanks for you comment. The day I was there filming the lead speaker was talking about global warming but there were a number of other speakers talking about other topics. Also, I was not able to include the hundreds of educational sessions presenting practical information on many topics related to renewable energy. I hope you have a great time at the fair!

abe3443 (3 months ago)

I'll be at the 2007 fair this weekend, and am excited. But I'm afraid of it being a lot of blind groupthink. The video here showed a lot of what I see as stale and illogical arguments and a lot of liberal catch-phrases, which I don't find convincing. And I'm tired of the energy debate being entirely focused on global warming, when there are other concerns having to do with energy. We'll see!

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