Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Membrane Bioreactor

"Excelent for whose suffer with droughts! Those who don't have this problem of water failure must consider catch rainwater for general use." Regards, Jomar D Filho, Salvador-Bahia, BRAZIL.
  • Membrane
  • Zenon water treatment plant
  • Large multi membrane system
  • Reduces nitrogen
  • Stripping water from nitrogen...
  • Backwash of membrane every few minutes
  • Chlorine used once a week
  • Ensure all bacterial kill
  • Water is bacteria free
  • Kills the viruses that pass through
  • We can monitor the entire process in 3D
  • Spend a lot of time to operate the plant
  • Routine maintenance
  • 800 dollars of energy cost per month
  • Aqua Engineering
  • Construction and start-up
  • Compared to normal waste-water plant this is very clean
  • The technology of future
  • Small footprint of this plant has
  • Use for irrigation of golf courses
  • This is the treatment method of the future
  • Future waste water treatment
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