Friday, October 19, 2007

Barrel of Oil up to $100

Moi Helge V., Anssi Porttikivi has posted a comment to your presence update "digitalvillages: Morning, should be writing about bioenergy and zero-energy houses. A barrel of oil is soon up at $100. That means smaller houses in future."

Anssi writes: Well, energy prizes still have not been gaining faster that general economic growth. That means, that if the trend continues (and it has continued all through the history), that we use ever smaller percentage of our income for energy. So we should pay less and less attention to energy saving.

Of course the environmentalist argue, that this trend will change, and energy prizes will soar, because energy resources are "finite". But with current price self-sustained closed carbon process for producing biofuel is possible (for example alcohol production in Brazil), and technology is making it cheaper every year. Sun, oil shale, nuclear, whatever.
We DO have infinite energy resources, it is just a question on PRICE.
Also, climate change is just a financial problem. Should we pay now in the form of regulation hampering business, or should we pay in the future to fight the problems of warmer weather? Whatever we do, there is no real reason for worry, because the economy grows and we get richer and richer, forever, as long as the next generation always knows more and is more productive with better technology than the previous.

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Helge: I like your optimistic point of view.
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