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Bioenergy, biodiesel, biofuel

2006.10.13 06.30 Bioenergy, biodiesel, biofuel

We're revamping our approach to bioenergy and cogeneration. New strategies and business models are possible in Europe based on proved technologies and Fast Fresh Flow logistical concepts implemented in the Nordic countries. The urgency for innovation is growing with the rising price of oil and energy.
  • Biodiesel plant is using different raw materials
  • The Neste Oil biodiesel plant will be ready for production within six months
  • The biofuel has to grow to 2 % 2008 and 4 % and 5,9 %
Neste Oil Oy will have its first plant in Porvoo. The production will not be sufficient for extensive export. A big part of the production will remain in Finland.

Neste Oil’s Porvoo refinery celebrated 40 years of operation today with the laying of the foundation stone of the site’s new biodiesel plant . The company is investing approx. EUR 100 million in the new facility, which will produce some 170,000 t/a of biodiesel when it comes on line by summer 2007. Based on Neste Oil-developed proprietary technology, the plant will use 100% renewable raw materials, in the form of vegetable oils and animal fats. Finland’s Minister of Trade and Industry, Mauri Pekkarinen, laid the foundation stone.

Neste biodiesel
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