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2007.08.09 09.07 | Kymijoki's role in the channels

The multichannel blogging model has been evolving since the beginning of this year. I guess Kymijoki will have an important role in the fields of:

1. Bioenergy
2. Biodiesel
3. Wood based economy
4. Building
5. Construction

Kymijoki is a river in the southern part of Finland. There are several pulp and paper mills in the Southeastern region of Finland. Kymijoki has a symbolic role in the innovation process. It indicates the continuous flow of information needed to keep up-to-date about what is happening in the bio based economy.

2007.03.28 02.00

Biodiesel promises to put the farmers back to work. Those transporting agricultural products feel it’s an obligation to use biodiesel and not to travel with gasoline from the pipe. Truckers started to work with trucking executives a few years ago to get them to change their attitude towards biodiesel. Some DJ’s are promoting the biodiesel. The Bill Mac Show is one of them. The singer Willie Nelson is also one of the biodiesel supporters.

  • Some fuels had bad standard and that has been eating some of the confidence
  • These are growing pains for an industry in its infancy
  • Tracking organizations are supporting
  • It’s now becoming more cost-effective
  • Waiting for the fuel to become more available
  • It’s still only a small fraction
  • One billion gallon is 2, 7 % of what the trucking fleet uses (goal 2015)
  • The biggest problem is where to find biodiesel
  • New plants are under construction
Many people worry about the sustainability of the ethanol and biodiesel industries. As more land and food resources are used to fuel our trucks and cars, what will be the future environmental, economic and social consequences?
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