Monday, October 15, 2007

Biotech Special Operations Force


Working with a generic problem solving strategy for Biotech Special Operations Team working with industrial process hygiene questions at paper mills, food companies, water utilities, etc.


  • PMEU
  • Microbe detection
  • Fermenter


  • Specifics
  • Cost of cleaning
  • Cost of chemicals
  • Cost of corrosion
  • Material damage cost
  • Potential problems


  • Start with questionnary
  • On-line audit
  • Digital problem definition
  • Talk with people involved
  • Take a look at the organization

Digtial storytelling can be applied to this


  • Process hygiene plan
  • Scheduling
  • Tooling
  • Organization
  • Decision making process
  • Security
  • Criticality
  • Continuous improvement
  • Plan of chemical delivery
  • Suppliers
  • Process improvements


  • Start
  • Milestones
  • Reporting
  • Finnish

Work plan

  • Detailed action plan
  • Digital documentation
  • On-site crew toolbox


  • Who does what?
  • On-site
  • On-line
  • Tele-support

The Workshop discusses:

  • Smart sensors, simple sensors and their relationship to planning for repairs;

  • Short range (wireless) transmission of PMEU data;

  • Intermediate range communications concerning PMEU via fiber optics and copper links;

  • Long range transmission and remote analysis and reporting via Internet and Intranet;

  • Shift in workload from data collection to data analysis and its ramifications; and

  • Productivity improvements in PMEU technology application and its effects on who and how many personnel are or can be involved with it

Description of Virtual Workshop

The developments above are happening now and will dominate the PMEU field for years to come. Together they represent a paradigm shift, the third in the last 15 years in this field.

There are several audit examples conducted throughout the Web Workshop that provide a real time snap shot of attendees PMEU practices.

'Results will be discussed to highlight workshop lessons.'

The presented material will last 30 - 60 minutes minutes with extra time set aside for questions and answers.

Please allow extra time to attend if you are interested in participating in the question and answer sessions.

Work in progress. We're looking into a generic problem solving model that can be applied to various industrial processes. I'll add more details to this during the day.

What you think? What more should be added? Schedule. Work plan. List of participants.

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