Friday, October 12, 2007


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Blogged abt International Biodiesel Conf..Going for it..Joining?

Helge: I make a link to this blog and conference. I want to build a dialoge with Biotechnologist20202.

11 October 2007

MKU-International Biodiesel Conference

Department of Natural Resources & Waste Recyling- School of Energy Sciences,Madurai Kamaraj University,Madurai,Tamilnadu in association with a leading NGO working for Jatropha -Ahimsa organizes international Biodiesel conference which is followed by one full day dedicated for Farmers to provide information about bank loans,subsidies and other schemes available for them and to aspiring entrepreneurs.

Scientists from leading national and international organizations are expected to participate in the events along with Bank officials and other government officials.

Eligibility: Farmers,Entrepreneurs,Students,Research students,

Date: 17 ,18-October 2007 | 19-Farmers meet (Free entry to farmers).

For registeration contact, 1) Dr.Samuel Paulraj | School of Energy Sciences-MKU


Mr.Kanaga Raj
Managing Director-Ahimsa
BT2020-Biodiesel conf contact form

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