Saturday, October 06, 2007

Finnoflag at Innocum

You will find the Kuopio team here.

Finnoflag specializes in microbe diagnostics – a rapidly growing field within the biotechnology industry. Finnoflag performs modern scientific research in the Kuopio region in Finland.

The products are new innovations based on scientific findings and continuous R&D efforts. We team up with experts in many fields to better understand the requirements of the many individual application areas where our products can be used.

To us microbe diagnostics is a process, where each and every stage – from sampling to final analysis – is equally crucial. The final result of this process is a combined outcome of all these stages. Finnoflag products add value especially to the difficult early stages of the microbe diagnostics process.

Please click in to have a closer look and to find out the benefits gained from using Finnoflag products for microbe diagnostics tasks.

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