Monday, October 08, 2007

The future of printed media

Why not wireless? People are moving over to Internet and Wireless devices for their daily news.

The pulp an paper mills are struggling with fundamental re-structuring issues. We've a big overcapacity in Europe of some qualities.

The race is about closing at least two paper mills in Europe.

Demand is moving over to China, India and Asia. China is already the biggest paper producer in the world.

Podcamp Berlin is a free, two-day ad hoc conference on blogging, internet TV, new media, and podcasting.

KK-Net has been following the evolution of Web 1.0 since since early 1990's and the and Web 2.0 when the ICT industry struggled out from the first Internet bubble. On this blog, I try to connect the changes in the Forestry industry to restructuring possibilities emerging: bioreactors, biofuel, and new emerging processes for high added value products.

The bio-based economy is looming around the corner. It's time for companies to get ready. The pilot plants are getting bigger and there are more reports about full scale units.

The Berlin Podcamp: It will be the first event of its kind outside of the US. Podcamp is an interdisciplinary event for media creators (amateurs and professionals), consumers, service providers, social scientists, lawyers, economists, entrepreneurs, consultants, and investors.

Participants talk and learn about the essentials of content, business models, concepts, and advertising of today and tomorrow in the area of new media. Podcasting is spreading into Europe. Which is cool.
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