Saturday, October 27, 2007

Green Energy TV: About

Green Energy TV: About: "About Green Energy TV We are an Online Television Channel that is dedicated to airing green videos for millions of viewers around the world.

Though having been launched only in January 2007, Green Energy TV now has viewers from 104 countries and 6 continents going to to watch green videos (Source: Google Analytics as of 10/07). We know that people can and want to make a difference by showing and sharing with the world what they are doing to be green.

We welcome companies, individuals, families, schools, kids, teachers and organizations to Upload & Watch videos on the site. It's free to Upload & Watch videos. We are a community and a network that is changing the world through Green Media coverage. The source of inspiration for the founding of the company comes from our passion for the environment.

We also believe that the viewing audience craves honest and fair reporting of stories that really matter. We are dedicated to green and committed to sharing innovative ideas and tips to help educate individuals and organizations to use cleaner alternatives in their everyday environment.

Participants can easily Upload their videos Free of Charge, from cities and countries all around the world. Videos will be reviewed and accessible to anyone with internet access at no cost."
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