Sunday, October 14, 2007

Hercules Paper Technologies :: Press Release Details

Hercules Paper Technologies :: Press Release Details: "Press Release Details New Biocide Offers Broad Spectrum Microbiological Control While Minimizing Environmental and Safety Concerns Wilmington, DE, July 30, 2003 - -
  1. Improved runnability,
  2. sheet quality, and
  3. machine cleanliness
  4. are possible from a new paper machine biocide
  5. that offers broad spectrum microbiological control
  6. while minimizing environmental and safety concerns.

Exclusive to Hercules Pulp and Paper Division, Spectrum® Ammonium Bromide Technology is a new, patented biocide that effectively controls microorganisms in alkaline systems without the adverse side effects associated with strong oxidizing biocides.

The new biocide, which degrades into inert compounds before effluent discharge, is produced onsite by blending an ammonium bromide solution with sodium hypochlorite and mill fresh water.

Dedicated blending and dosing equipment ensures safe, consistent production of the biocide at the mill site. Typical applications of Spectrum® Ammonium Bromide Technology include:

  1. paper machine microbiological deposition control,
  2. deinked plant catalase control, and
  3. anaerobic bacteria (odor and dangerous gases) control.

Key benefits recorded from actual applications of the biocide include:

  1. reduced sheet breaks and defects;
  2. increased time between boilouts;
  3. reduced corrosion rates;
  4. reduced felt degradation;
  5. reduced consumption of costly wet end additives;
  6. no negative effect on activated sludge plants
    (even at addition rates 10 times higher than recommended).

Spectrum® Ammonium Bromide Technology is available in the United States, Europe, Asia-Pacific, and Latin America. At this time, the technology is pending state registration in California and PMRA registration in Canada."

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