Saturday, October 06, 2007

International Biotech Microbiology

We work with a some very interesting process developments with a team of highly specialized people. The work has been small scale, research oriented for fifteen years. Some very promising things are surfacing and we see a global demand for both knowledge and biotech process engineering.

We're moving things out from the lab to:
  1. Paper industry (pulp and paper mills are "water mills")
  2. Clean water applications (how to ensure clean water in industrial states and developing countries
  3. Water treatment plants can be compressed to smaller units with bioreactors
  4. Bioreactors in connection to pulp mills
  5. Food industry, salmonella detection, etc.
It's a long and complex story, but we are ready to tell more. Please comment and give your email.

Helge V. Keitel digitalvillages @vascellari, If you mean the biotech. Take a look here The blog is superficial, we are deep into processes. My post is also mentioning the Web 2.o as a communication tool. We've been investigating the very basic Social Media tools and think they can be applied to manage very complex communication needs. The point is that the tools are simple to use and are in global use by clients and partners.

Andrea Vascellari vascellari @digitalvillages Thanks for the link Helge, now I will check it out...

Helge: I wrote this to give you more inside information...

Are you located in Jyväskylä? They have good people at they University in the field of biotech / microbiology. And there is also the papermachine production.

This makes a great case... I see you're form Kauhajoki.
Thansk you're a brave man. We've not know each other for more than maybe a few days on Jaiku and the final part was mad on Twitter. You're the kind of people we need in this project. Great. My skype is "visualradio". We are going to have dinner with Irja, my wife after this posting but we can continue to work out a communication model.

Have a great week-end Mr. Andrea Vascellari! We are working with an disruptive global co-creation and innovation break-through.

Hello Helge,

Thank you for your messages via Twitter and Jaiku.

This is the script you can use to embed the video on your blog:

The show is on several different networks (revver, youtube, blubrry,
etc..) so if you are interested in sharing other episodes also in
future you just click on the 'share this episode' link on each
episode published at

VMC is also on iTunes and all the episodes are available for free. I
want people to access to knowledge for free and actually encourage
them to join the conversation.

You can also download the format you prefer (iPod, appleTV, 3gp,
etc..) from the downloads page of VMC

I often travel for projects/conferences/events so let me know if your
are interested in planning/organizing something together.

Today I had a look at your blog, I found it interesting so that's why
you are now sitting in my RSS reader!

Stay tuned!


Contact info:
just google 'Andrea Vascellari'+Facebook

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