Wednesday, October 24, 2007

International Biotechnology Microbiology Engineering Powerhouse

Life has been a blur over the past few months. We are taking important steps towards a bio-based economy. That sounds like a very big statement. The first steps will however be small and incremental.

Working a full-time gig to create an “International Biotechnology Microbiology Engineering Powerhouse” has been very interesting and fuelled much more global attention than we expected. The process has been faster than we predicted.

Even though the tools and the team we have are great, I was doing lots of research to find the right nice for our enterprise. We start from segments that will help us to grow. The national market isn’t big enough. We’ve to think globally, but start locally.

We need to establish:

  1. A powerful networking platform
  2. Open Global Innovation
  3. Project Management tools for distributed Knowledge Workers
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