Saturday, October 20, 2007

KL Process Design Group specializes in bio-fuels

klpd.html: "KL Process Design Group specializes in bio-fuels project development, engineering, construction, and plant management with an emphasis on ethanol made from both grain and cellulose.
Our leadership experience ranges from past military leaders to seasoned managers in the ethanol industry. Our process engineering experience is rooted in the petrol-chemical industry. This experience provides unmatched process engineering inherently focused on efficiency

Today, KL researchers continue to refine patent-pending technology as the first demonstration unit to process waste-wood material comes on line near the Black Hills National Forest.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at PhotobucketThe Upton, Wyoming plant, Western Biomass Energy, is expected to come on line in August 2007 and will be the first biomass ethanol plant not using acids or having a full dependency on specialized enzymes to release cellulosic sugars from lignin fibers."

Helge: A few words about the company...

Our services: KL Process Design Group means Integrity, Professionalism, and Hard Work represent our values when delivering our turn key services to our partners. Today we deliver the most energy efficient ethanol plants in the industry.

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