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Links are provided below to general information on microbial source-tracking and detection techniques, such as ribotyping (DNA fingerprinting), genetic enterovirus detection using PCR/rtPCR and IC/PCR, and pulse field gel electrophoreses (PFGE).

This project is focussed on tracking the origin of faecal pollution in surface waters. Standardised or established methods will be used to characterise surface water with faecal pollution from known origin. The development of new methods, that could complement the available methodologies, is also planned. The implementation of the new methods and the factorial analysis of results have an added value because they will be performed using standardised techniques on a common sampling strategy and at a transnational level.



The Molecular Microbiology Worldwide Database has molecular biologists engaged in the medical study of microorganisms (microbes), morphology and the development of metabolic abilities in viruses, bacteria and microscopic forms of fungi, algae and protozoa, and the study of the smallest microorganisms only visible via electron microscopy, such as deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA or RNA). This list is drawn from the over 25,000,000 names found on the Worldwide Executive and Professional Database from Frankform. Frankform, a leading list database manager, continuously updates this very large file world-wide and for the U.S. You can select from this database by job function, business /industry, gender, and discipline. Of course, you can also select geographically by region and country, by 5-digit UN SIC Code, and by size of company.



Business/Industry: Molecular Microbiology

  1. Analytical 38,770
  2. Analyst 89
  3. Biochemist 3,412
  4. Biologist 472
  5. Chemist 897
  6. Clinical Chemist 492
  7. Engineer 855
  8. Laboratory Manager 1,595
  9. Laboratory Technician 551
  10. Microbiologist/Molecular 4,578
  11. Professor 3,730
  12. R & D Dir/Mgr 1,435
  13. Researcher 18,180
  14. Scientist 2,484
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