Monday, October 08, 2007

Northwest's first ethanol plant

The Northwest's first ethanol $100 million plant is among dozens built across the country [US] in recent years, a construction boom that has pushed annual U.S. production capacity to more than 6.5 billion gallons annually and brought new investment in many rural communities.

Pacific Ethanol officials are convinced that the advantages of being close to major markets for the fuel and cattle feed more than make up for the extra costs of shipping the Midwest corn to corporate plants in California, Colorado and now Oregon.

Ethanol from corn is also a political issue. In the article below, "Oregon Gov. Ted Kulongoski talks with plant manager Jay Holthus while touring the new Pacific Ethanol Columbia distillery Friday in Boardman, Ore."

The U.S. production is more than 6,5 billion gallons!

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