Saturday, October 13, 2007

POWER Initiative Wisconsin

POWER Initiative: "POWER Initiative Promoting Our Wisconsin Energy Resources Governor Jim Doyle Wisconsin

BioIndustry utilizes
traditional and emerging technology
to turn organic matter into biofuels,
biopower and bioproducts.

Wisconsin has a history of creating value-added economic opportunities for agriculture, manufacturing and forestry.

Today, Wisconsin is leading the nation in creating sustainable economic strategies that utilize renewable energy and fuel sources from our working lands in agriculture and forestry.

Our state's next step is a shift to using biomass for products now made from petrochemicals. Biomass is a renewable resource for which Wisconsin is a natural leader; we have abundant biomass resources, including crops and waste from paper mills, cheese plants and livestock facilities.

The POWER Initiative taps other renewable resources the state possesses in abundance - good, old-fashioned Wisconsin hard work and ingenuity."

Helge: I continue my journey to find out what biotechie's are doing in various regions around the world.

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