Friday, October 12, 2007

A Quest for Energy in the Globe’s Remote Places - New York Times


Thanks cervus for the link. Enjoyed reading it.

A Quest for Energy in the Globe’s Remote Places - New York Times: "HAMMERFEST, Norway — For a quarter-century, energy executives were tantalized by vast quantities of natural gas in one of the world’s least hospitable places — 90 miles off Norway’s northern coast, beneath the Arctic Ocean.

Winds and frequent snowstorms lash the region. The sun disappears for two months a year.

No oil company knew how to operate in such a harsh environment. But Norway has finally solved the problem. The other day, on an island just offshore, a giant yellow flame illuminated the sky here.

It was just a temporary flare for excess gas, but it signaled a new era in energy production. Across the bay from this small fishing town, where reindeer wander the streets, one of the world’s most advanced natural gas plants is coming to life.

Within weeks, gas will start crossing the ocean in specially designed ships, feeding into the pipeline network for the American East Coast.

Before Christmas, furnaces in Brooklyn and stoves in Washington will be burning the gas. It will be the first commercial energy production from waters north of the Arctic Circle."
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