Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Recovery Boiler at end of useful Life

Helge: Hello, what do you think about these figures? There is something very peculiar going on in this country. I want to mention a few important places: Summa, Varkaus, Kuopio, Kemijärvi. There is also a parallel process involving Kajaani, Tervakoski, Äänekoski and / or Jämsänkoski.

I count 4 and 4. In addition, there are two other important places in Eastern Finland and one close to Turku.

Sweeden seems to be very quiet. Why? Are they concentrating on something else?

To justify this approach, the recovery boiler has to be near the end of its useful life, the mill viable enough to justify replacement, and the wholesale electric price at or greater than about $50/MW hour.

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