Monday, October 08, 2007

Small Scale Biodiesel

2007.03.31 23.52 | Small Scale Biodiesel Production

Energy security and environmental impacts of energy production and usage are growing concerns of many Americans. Alternatives to oil and other petroleum-based fuels are gaining rapidly in popularity as a result. Learn in this podcast about the basics of biodiesel, how you can get involved in using it, and where this and other biofuels are going in Pennsylvania.

What they talk about. It smells like French fries. It's fast food fuel. Kids are jazzed about biofuel. The car has to be a diesel. The gas car can not be converted. We will see more diesel cars on the road. Biodiesel don't like rubber; it has to be replaced with synthetics. Newer diesels are all equipped with synthetics. Your tank has to be cleaned with methanol.
  1. Small scale biodiesel production
  2. Small is possible
  3. Small is beautiful
  4. Small is profitable
  5. The biodiesel home brew guide
  6. Sustainability from the small perspective
  7. The commercial biodiesel industry
  8. Continuous flow plant with one million gallon plant
  9. Would you like to power your farm?
  10. Virginia has a million gallon plants at farm
  11. Cooperation to power a small community
  12. How to power a tractor and to skid the wood from the forest
  13. Oil tanks can’t be made clean enough for biodiesel
  14. One of the dangers is methanol; be careful, wear glows and eyes protection
  15. There is a lot of heavy lifting in the backyard biodiesel plant
  16. Add spills to the safety of your biodiesel problem
  17. It evaporates fast and can cause problems
  18. Evangelists for this new fuel
  19. Plastic isn’t good for biodiesel
  20. Buy fire proof tanks and pumps
  21. Small scale producers can’t be as safe as at a big plant
  22. Pay attention to safety
  23. Who is trying to selling you a feasibility plant?
  24. There are humans involved
  25. Some are running large plants
  26. Side streams is an important element
  27. The glycerine, could be use for anti-freeze plant
  28. Crude biodiesel research financing
  29. The quantities are too small from the small plant
  30. Think small: horse farm that need dust suppression
  31. Wash water is going to become waste water
  32. Be prepared to deal with wash water
  33. What could be a sustainable way to treat it?
  34. Magnasol will not kill your pet
  35. Small scale can be safe
  36. The fuel is made where it is used
  37. Free to make fuel
  38. For your farm
  39. Emissions
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