Monday, October 08, 2007

Sweden Renewable

2007.04.01 00.52 | Sweden Renewable

Goran Persson, the former Prime Minister of Sweden, announced that Sweden would try to end its fossil fuel dependency by 2020.

The plan is mostly based on investments and tax incentives for the use and research and development of alternative sources of energy.

The main reason for the effort is, according to Persson, global warming: "We are frightened by climate change today.

The mean temperature of the earth is rising, and it is rising most nearest to the poles..." Persson said that 35% of the cars driven by government employees would either run completely on electricity or renewable fuels, or be hybrid cars. What else is there to add but: "Go Sweden! Show us how its done!"

2007.03.28 01.32 | Biofuel

I'm taking journeys into the biofuel and ethanol manufacturing. Production might be a better word. There is quite a movement for biofuels in USA.

I can see that it's a part of the national security policy. I have been listening to podcasts and reading blogs. I can feel a lot of enthusiasm among the pioneers. But the big industries are also jumping on the band wagon.

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