Saturday, October 06, 2007

VMC #11 - The Preview : VMC - Vascellari Media Channel

VMC #11 - The Preview : VMC - Vascellari Media Channel: "VMC #11 - The Preview « VMC - The Making of - Part 10 | Posted by Andrea Vascellari on October 6, 2007 Filed Under - VMC -, Shorts This is a VMC preview. All the episodes you see in this video + new additional ones will be released after the official launch (15th of October 2007). Few days left…Stay tuned! Ah…don’t worry it’s going to be more than simple talking heads! Episode: VMC #11 - The Preview Share this episode"

Helge V. Keitel digitalvillages @vascellari, I did a quick analyzis of what you do. Great stuff, very fresh ideas and good quality work.Your tools, ideas, talent are needed.

We work with complex high-tech and knowledge global sales and are using all possible easy to use Web 2.o tools to manage big deals biz communication (dialogs) and doing it with in reasonable cost limits and the challenge is often to get out the information very fast...

I add this for my and my collegues information...


iTive supports its clients to step firmly into a new era where institutions, organizations and businesses embrace digital communication technologies in their everyday routine more competitively. iTive doesn’t simply deliver efficient and tangible business results but also helps the internationalization of the clients that are interested in expanding their businesses abroad.

Pict. (Our offices in Logistia Technology Center - Kauhajoki FINLAND)

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