Saturday, October 13, 2007

What could Biotechies talk About?

What are the issues we could talk about?
  1. Enzyme companies need to partner with those developing biorefineries because, to produce ethanol from cellulosic material, 100 times more enzymes are needed.

  2. Farmer ownership in ethanol projects: the hope and jobs it has provided in rural communities, and he advocated local ownership.

  3. The one thing that we can’t do today is go back to sleep in our addiction to oil. Farmers and ranchers want to be involved in ethanol production.

  4. In US, farmers have the capacity to produce crops other than corn. However, since that’s a crop they already understand well, they will need incentives to switch, especially to new areas like dedicated energy crops.

  5. It’s important not to lose the gains made over the past 25 years. But this is still the beginning of the journey.

  6. In the process, environmental degradation and loss of wildlife habitat could damage the ethanol industry’s green image.

  7. Talk about strategy to create cellulosic ethanol—treating biomass with enzymes to release sugars. Contrasting that method with the thermal chemical conversion technology in which biomass is gasified.

  8. With the gasification process, a mixture of whatever cellulosic material is on hand can be used as a feedstock. On the other hand, with the enzyme approach, a specific enzyme must be used for each feedstock.

  9. Paper mill runnability. Biocide-treatment.

  10. Turning waste into biomassa and burning for heat and electricity.

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