Sunday, October 14, 2007

Why people like paper Pulp & Paper - Find Articles

Why people like paper Pulp & Paper - Find Articles: "Why people like paper Pulp & Paper, Feb 2003 by Procter, Alan COMMENT The following is an excerpt from a recent presentation given by Dr.Alan Procter at the IPST in Atlanta, Ga.

The Paperless Society or Office-the clarion cry from the 'techy' (and environmental) community-just doesn't seem to be a concept that is rooted in reality, suggesting a fundamental misunderstanding of what paper is about.

It is clear that people enjoy using paper, but what is important to the paper industry is that these use-attributes be fully understood and defined in consumer-use terms.

Furthermore, the prospects for new or unusual attributes or applications should be exploited-those where paper would have the clear advantage.

The future challenge of alternate media choices must be seriously addressed because new choices will come. Information is everywhere.

I like to think of it as a 'flux' that is bombarding us, much like radiation. Humans access this information flux through various media, and their choice of media depends on how the information will be used.

Paper is a medium choice, and it is not an all-ornothing choice of some 'paperless society' paradigm.


People choose to use paper as a medium because it is convenient. It necessitates no new mastery of software or an unfamiliar device. Paper is also versatile. It can be posted on a bulletin board or given away, folded for compacting or spread out for broad scan. And, paper is easy to share in a personal way, so it appeals to a fundamental human need. "
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