Monday, October 08, 2007

Wood-based Ethanol Plant Slated for Georgia

The Author: David Adams Date Posted: 8. Februaru 2007

Wood-based Ethanol Plant Slated for Georgia: "I attended the Atlanta agri-business breakfast Wednesday where the announcement was made by Georgia Governor, Sonny Purdue. 'It's going to change the geo-political nature of the world when you can take a passive waste product like biomass from Georgia and turn it into an alternative fuel,' Purdue said.

Some experts question the readiness of Range Fuels' two-step thermo-chemical inversion process. Unlike other cellulosic processes, it does not use bacteria or enzymes. But Mandich told me the company is ready for commercial production.

Any technical difficulties have been overcome, the company says. With 24 million acres of forest land, Georgia certainly has no shortage of woody biomass. Forestry Commission officials say they have data showing there is enough wood waste potentially to produce up to two billion gallons of ethanol a year. That is more than one third of Georgia's total consumption of gasoline. - David Adams The Fueling Station"

Helge: A lot is happening around cellulosic ethanol which is a better alternative to corn based ethanol production.

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