Monday, November 19, 2007

Advanced TMBC Measurements

Advanced measurements methods and technologies are use both in bio-processes for purposes of producing chemicals and new materials, for quality control purposes in the food and wood industries and in the studies of the state of the environment.

In the future we can expect a wider use of inexpensive, easy-to-use and portable sampling and measurement devices applied to rely information wirelessly to a TMBC specialist or to the control center of an industrial production process.

In industry, the new measurement technology is needed for instance in processes of bioenergy and biofuel production.

Biotechnology can be used to diversify to diversify the industrial structure and in industrial products. The bio-refinery concept will be a significant part of the future bio-society.

Raw-materials and waste will be processed into as many different basic substances as possible, such as sugar, fibres for extracts, which then are refined further into biomaterials or chemicals, for instance.

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