Saturday, November 24, 2007

Biden proposes 'Apollo Project' for energy | | The Des Moines Register

Helge: Joe Biden is running for president. The democrat's are all about energy, global warming and renewables.

Biden proposes 'Apollo Project' for energy | | The Des Moines Register: "Clive, Ia. — Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, in Iowa today, proposed a five-year, $50 billion 'Apollo Project' to address energy security and climate change.

The project, which will emphasize research into discovering new sources for alternative energy and developing new technologies, is comparable to America's race to the moon, Biden said.

'The innovative capacity of the United States of America is so awesome that, I predict in the next 10 years we will once again be in circles where you'll have no less light, no less heat, no less comfort in automobiles, but we're going to see technology bloom in my administration,' he said. Biden, a U.S. senator from Delaware, suggested Americans would need to sacrifice to achieve the energy goals.

Helge: New energy evangelists are emerging...

'The American people consistently have hit tough spots in our development where we've had to suck in and take a hit, make some sacrifices to regenerate their intelligence capacity as well as their grit — and come back with greater independence and greater flexibility,' Biden said.

Helge: Greater independence and flexibility. "Joe Biden isn't alone in having an energy policy, all candidates have one." I learn from one of the comments.

The Apollo Project tops a $60 billion, eight-point plan the Democratic presidential candidate rolled out to supporters at his Clive headquarters. The original backdrop, a Johnston convenience store..."

Helge: Take a cyber trip to Iowa and read the whole story from Des Moines Register.

He [Joe Biden] said it’s first important to make clear that the nation is not interested in forcing a regime change in Iran but rather a change in conduct. The result would be a drop in security premiums paid for each barrel of oil shipped to the United States, he said.

Other points of the plan include:
  • Restoring U.S. leadership on climate change and capping greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Biden pledges to reduce emissions to 80 percent below 1990 levels by 2050 with a cap and trade system. He also pledges to bring developing economies of nations including China and India to sign a global climate change treaty.

  • Increase fuel efficiency and use of alternative fuels Biden proposes raising fuel economy standards by one mile per gallon each year and investing in new technology such as lithium ion batteries which fuel many plug-in hybrid vehicles. He proposes requiring new vehicles to be flex-fuel capable and requiring gas station chains to sell alternative fuels.

  • Invest in new energy technology

  • Expand use of renewable energy

  • Mandating that federal government buildings be more energy efficient and requiring the government to purchase 10 percent renewable electricity by 2010.

  • Encourage Americans to use energy efficiently

  • Create "green jobs" in areas of developing alternative energy

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