Friday, November 02, 2007

The Big Biofuels Blog

Helge: I want to talk with Big Biofuels Blog.

The Big Biofuels Blog: "Biofuels and rationality There were several studies on biofuels issued last week, while I was away, and I'm grateful to Ron Steenblik of the Global Subsidies Institute for pointing out his group's new study in of biofuel subsidies in the US, which was launched at on 23 October at a seminar hosted by the German Marshall Fund.

Written (as was the original study) by subsidy expert and long-time critic of subsidies to the oil-industry, Doug Koplow, President of Earth Track, the update is almost as long as the original report, published in October 2006.

Besides providing revised estimates of government support for ethanol and biodiesel in the United States, it analyses in-depth some of the proposals for expanding support to the industry that are currently before Congress."
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