Thursday, November 15, 2007

Biofuels Digest is a great source of Information

Biofuels Digest is a great source of Information. Today I saw what ExxonMobile thinks about biofuels.

"In Florida, Scott Nauman, Manager for Economics and Energy at ExxonMobil, said that biofuel production will only make up 3 million barrels a day out of an estimated 116 Mbd by 2030, and that hydrogen will not play a significant role in transportation before 2030 either."

Helge: 3 out of 116 Mbd is a very small number. Biofuel is and will continue to be a niche product.

He said that while ExxonMobil is not opposed to blending ethanol with gasoline, the company has no immediate plans to increase biofuels in the supply chain.

Helge: The big companies are not opposing...

ExxonMobil is injecting $100 million into a 10 year, $225 million cellulosic ethanol R&D project in partnership with GE and Stanford University, but Nauman said that "cellulosic ethanol will not happen in the next 5-15 years" on a commercial scale.

Helge: Cellulosic ethanol. That's the point. We talk the same language. The cellulosic ethanol and other downstreams might be used for something else.
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