Wednesday, November 21, 2007

ButylFuel,LLC Main Page

ButylFuel,LLC Main Page: "July 14 to August 15, 2005 was the first run across the Nation on 100% Butanol. Demonstrating to the public that there is an alcohol made from corn that replaces gas right now if we had it. The sooner we start making ButylFuel™ the sooner you will see it in your tank, go down the road - and stop Global Warming.

The ’92 Buick Park Avenue got 24 miles per gallon on butanol with no modifications - normally gas is 22 mpg. That is a 9 % increase. In ten states Butanol reduced Hydrocarbons by 95%, Carbon monoxide to 0.01%, Oxides of Nitrogen by 37%, this in a 13 year old car with 60,000 original miles.

It runs great up hill and across the deserts. Butanol is an alcohol that replaces gasoline ! BioButanol™ is made from anything that grows on the planet Butanol can be blended in any percentage with gasoline seamlessly with increase in performance Butanol can be used in Biodiesel applications What is butanol? Butanol is a four carbon alcohol.

Alcohols are a family of chemical compounds that also include methanol (1-carbon), ethanol (2-carbon) and propanol (3-carbon). Some of the more common uses for alcohol are alcoholic beverages (ethanol), propanol is commonly used for rubbing alcohol, chemical solvents - paint thinner and fuels. Initially, ButylFuel,LLC (BFL) will produce and market butanol as a solvent, with..."
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