Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Credit Woes Send Stocks Skidding Again

Credit Woes Send Stocks Skidding Again: "The latest decline on the subprime mortgage fiasco began last month after the Federal Reserve suggested it was concerned enough about inflation that it might be done cutting interest rates to stem the credit market meltdown. Since rate cuts push the U.S. dollar lower and spur economic growth by making loans cheaper, they can send oil and other commodities higher, fueling inflation. And with oil nearing a record $100 a barrel, the Fed is worried that the price of oil and other commodities could begin showing up in retail prices."
  • Price of oil $100
  • Subprime mortgage fiasco
  • Pushing the U.S. dollar lower
  • Spur economic growth
  • Credit market meltdown
  • The Fed is worried
  • Price of other commodities
  • Price of food is rising

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