Friday, November 16, 2007

Digesting Wood and Food

Bio-expertise has broad applications:
  1. The complete use of renewable natural resources
  2. The development of bioproduction
  3. New biotechnological product introductions
  4. The development of pharmaceuticals
  5. New measurement methods and diagnostics
  6. Management and modeling of biological knowledge
  7. Multidisciplinary synergy and new disciplines
We've made substantial efforts to strengthen the "IBM" expertise and competence in the biofield. The next step is to turn this knowledge and expertise into practice and practical applications.

The efficient use of renewable natural resources lays the ground both for modernizing traditional industry and for strengthening competitiveness in the forest sector and the production of biofuels and other new products.

In the future, plant biomass will account for a significant proportion of the new raw materials used in industry.

We use the strong basic know-how in the use of large volumes of biomass provides a solid platform for the practical application of new bio-expertise.

Finland itself is a small market, but it may well emerge as a significant center of biotechnology and production. The high-level of research provides and excellent foundation.

However, the business sector that works to convert this research into commercial products has been relatively weak. This will change with the introduction of new operational tools that takes unique services closer to the traditional customers.

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