Wednesday, November 28, 2007

ENER.G offers Cogeneration, Energy from Waste, Renewable Energy, Combined Heat and power, CHP Solutions

Helge: Energy from waste is an interesting concept. We've been looking at this over ther years.

Fossil fuels are not in endless supply. Waste disposal is a global environmental problem. Energy from waste, as an alternative to fossil fuels, provides an important contribution towards the reduction in landfill disposal and global warming.

Helge: I agree. Do we have projects in Finland where this concept could be applied?

ENER.G offers Cogeneration, Energy from Waste, Renewable Energy, Combined Heat and power, CHP Solutions:

ENER·G's core business activities cover the delivery of sustainable and energy efficient technologies on a business-to-business basis worldwide.

The home page says, "We invite you to discover what ENER·G can do for your business."
  • Cogeneration Renewable Energy Energy Management
  • Energy from Waste Industry News
  • Sucess at E2 Energy Solutions Expo 06/11/2007
  • Construction starts on pioneering energy from waste project 01/11/2007
  • ENER-G short listed for National Energy Efficiency Award 16/10/2007
  • ENER-G Acquires CMR Group 05/10/2007
  • Virtual Energy Manager makes saving easy 24/09/2007


The company asks, "Are you on target to save energy? Our innovative NEW Virtual Energy Manager can tell you instantly. Click here to find out more and to register to for our LIVE online demo."

Helge: Go to the homepage for the details.


Energy from Waste Film Case Study. Register at the home page for instant access to a short film detailing the workings of a fully operational ENERGOS plant.

Helge: I've to register and watch the video. I'll write more on this blog after I've seen the content.

Gasification - ENERGOS
"Gasification is an advanced conversion technology (ACT) pioneered by our Norwegian energy from waste company ENERGOS. Click to find out more about our commercially proven technology." The company home page tells.

"Another form of advanced conversion technology, pyrolysis is a well established means of recovering the energy from various forms of waste. Learn more about our technology and our plans to offer a fully packaged and modular pyrolysis plant." I learn when reading more about the company.

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