Wednesday, November 14, 2007

TMBC as a global service for the Forestry Industry

TMBC as a global service. Innovations don't happen, they are made. Background: Facts & Figures – The European Pulp and Paper Industry
  • The European pulp and paper industry is a vital part of an economic cluster - the paper and forest cluster - that generates an annual turnover of more than EUR 400 billion.

  • The industry provides direct employment for about 279,000 people, and indirect employment - through the paper and forest cluster - for a total of 4 million people.

  • The industry is made up of more than 1,280 pulp and paper mills.

  • The industry uses 42% of recycled fibres and 43% of virgin pulp, the rest being other pulp 1% and non-fibrous materials, 14%.

  • Within Europe, Germany is the largest paper producer, followed closely by Finland, Sweden and France.

  • The main pulp-producing countries are Finland and Sweden.

  • CEPI member countries account for more than 29% of world paper and board production (95 Mt), slightly behind North America (31%) and Asia (30%).

  • In volume terms, graphic paper grades account around 49% of the EU's paper production, packaging paper grades account for 40%, and hygiene and specialty papers for 11%.
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