Saturday, November 03, 2007

What is Ponsse doing to move the forestry residuals?

The current system of forest harvesting leaves considerable biomass residuals in the forest. These residuals include branches, foliage and tops (collectively known as slash or forestry residuals) as well as conventionally undesirable tree species and stumps.

We can see this happening all around the country (Finland). New techniques are applied to the collection and transport of forestry residuals.

The mass of forestry residuals is vastly larger than the amount of existing surplus mill residuals. Historically, it has not been economical to harvest and process such resources in the Canadian, US, Scandinavian, European context with low energy prices, although this situation is changing.

The economics of the collection is changing but it's still essential that the transport from the forests to the mill isn't too long. I have a mental map of the mill locations in our country. It's not necessary to say the names and the locations.

Biodiesel, one of the products, should or could be consumed on a local level. We can build a more distributed transport fuel supply system.

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