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25 % of Sweden’s total energy supply is derived from biofuels

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Did you know that 25 % of Sweden’s total energy supply is derived from biofuels? Within heating and industry bioenergy is the major source of energy, and it is now growing steadily in the production of electricity and transport fuels.

Wood fuel from the forest makes up a large part of Swedish bioenergy

We are all dependent on energy for a functioning welfare, but now climate change, oil reserves running out and an increased demand of energy has become a real threat.

Across the world, nations turn to bioenergy, and the Swedish government has decided that Sweden shall be independent from fossil fuels by 2020.

This brings about fantastic opportunities for Swedish companies providing bioenergy technology and bioenergy system solutions!

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The Swedish Bioenergy Association (Svebio) was founded in 1980, after the oil crisis in 1979. At that time bioenergy accounted for 10 % of the energy supply in Sweden. Bioenergy was not yet commercial and a major part of the bioenergy was used internally in the wood industry.

From 1980 until today the development of bioenergy in Sweden has been impressive. Bioenergy has more than doubled from 48 TWh (173 PJ) in 1980 to 110 TWh (396 PJ) in 2004.

The main reason for this development is the introduction of strong steering taxes on fossil fuels and a widespread use of district heating systems.

At the beginning of this development the political ambition was to reduce oil dependency with nuclear power, coal and domestic fuels.

Since the 1990s environmental issues, e.g. the reduction of carbon dioxide, have been the main political driver.

Providing network

As a non-profit organisation Svebio has played a central role in this development. In the beginning Svebio provided a necessary network enabling commercial use of wood chips in district heating systems.

Almost all actors in the bioenergy field including municipalities and politicians were involved in this network. The lack of knowledge on bioenergy was common and conferences arranged by Svebio has contributed in turning bioenergy into a commercially accepted fuel.

A major event was BioEnergy 84 World Conference in Gothenburg with Svebio as the main organiser.

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