Monday, December 17, 2007

Paper machine biocides control with PMEU

We are able to control real-world events with a portable PMEU enrichment unit and simulate the microbiological events taking place in a paper machine.

The information is available for analyzis two to three days faster compared to traditional methods. As a result, we can control biocides in a much better way and ensure microbiological activities and non-wanted growth of slime and biofilms.

Chemical companies are providing biociedes supply and effects control services to pulp, paper and board manufacturers. This includes the control of microbiological growth in materials added to the process.

The quality of water to the process does have a vital importance in the packaging industry. The same applies to the beer manufacturing. The beer plant in Nokia has to wait for weeks before they can resume production after the water catastrophe in the city of Nokia in the beginning of December 2007.

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