Thursday, January 31, 2008

Globalisation affects the economy and society

Dear AMI member, as we all know, globalisation affects the economy and society in a pervasive
way. Globalisation issues are also in the heart of EU policies regarding integration, trade, employment and social affairs, and the information society.

The New Global study ( which is commissioned by the European Commission and runs 2007-2008, explores how globalisation affects the way companies are operating.


It investigates how even small and medium-sized companies can respond and anticipate to globalisation forces, and how such companies may extend their business opportunities in a
beneficial way by establishing new collaborative working environments.

Such collaborative working environments could play an important role to exploit the opportunities of global networking, knowledge sharing and doing business.

We address the new collaboration infrastructures, but also work organisation, collaborative culture and flexible working to identify and explore strategies and policies to enhance global collaboration. We do so on the basis of case studies and business surveys. The project will be finished by October 2008.


In the time to come we will regularly publish contributions from the project on our wiki and on the New Global blog. We invite you to comment our results, bring in your own views and participate to stimulating discussions !

The New Global project organises a special workshop at ICE 2008, 23-25 June 2008 in Portugal. For more information:

The objective of the New Global special session is to identify and discuss the policies and strategies of companies, including small and medium-sized businesses, to cope with the challenges of globalisation and in particular how collaborative work environments may contribute to such strategies.


The workshop will bring together researchers, business representatives and researchers active in this area of interest. During the workshop, results of a busines survey and of a case studies
program will be presented.

We are inviting contributions to this workshop, could be papers or discussion issues. Among the topics are:
  • CWEs and global working
  • globalisation and work organisation
  • virtual teams and global communities of practice
  • using collaboration tools and web 2.0
  • case studies and empirical research in global working.

You are kindly invited to send your expression of interest to

Katarina Stanoevska-Slabeva
University of St. Gallen (project coordinator)
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