Saturday, January 12, 2008

Is there a global warming

"Gore did a pretty good job sounding the alarm on global warming. But he's a rich ex-almost-president. What can a mere EcoGeek do to save the world?" Writes Yahoo News.

Six months ago, Oregon high-school science teacher Greg Craven posted a video on YouTube in which he makes a fairly logical argument for treating climate change like the emergency it is. Voila! Four million views later, he's changed the world.

"Man I love geeks. Geeks are so good for the world. And this guy is definitely a geek. A fantastic geek." Yahoo says.

His first video, "The Most Terrifying Video You'll Ever See" (the one that's been watched more than 4 million times all together), provides a concise explanation of the precautionary principle:

In later videos Craven fills in the gaps in his argument, very completely in my opinion. Here is an adorable "devil's advocate" version of Craven arguing with himself:

The videos are amazingly well done, but I still wouldn't have expected them to be so popular. I'd like to talk to Mr. Craven about it, but he's too busy being interviewed by the likes of ABC News.

So next time you think one person can't do anything about global warming, remember it all starts with education — and education starts with teachers.
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