Wednesday, January 23, 2008

World Economic Forum - Water

World Economic Forum - Water: "The Water Initiative at the Davos World Economic Forum. How can get water to people? Water needed for industries.
  1. Pulp and Paper
  2. Energy
  3. Agriculture
  4. Mining (A ton of water for a ton of rock)
  5. Biofuel production
  6. Community water usage delivered to mines
  7. Business - Industry - Social partnerships
  8. Neutral platform for discussions
  9. We look for a delivery of concepts
  10. Dialoge
  11. Impact on models

By installing a closed-looped, re-circulated cooling water system, an aluminum rolling mill can cut its water consumption by 93 %, saving more than 40,000 cubic metres per year.

Source: Alcan Water Paper

In order to meet the UN Millennium water supply and sanitation target, an additional 260,000 people per day up to 2015 should gain access to improved water sources and an additional 370,000 people should gain access to improved sanitation. Source: WHO

Meeting the UN Millennium target would avoid health-related costs of US$ 7.3 billion per year. Source: World Water Council

In 2008 'Water' features heavily at Davos. A major initiative sees 6 leading CEOs set out a call to action, in recognition of the link water has to climate change, bio-fuels, food and agriculture, cities, people and business and the immense strain all our water sources are now under as our world economy continues to grow. Can Davos 08 help catalyze a new global collaboration on water?

Water in Davos | Davos Reports | Join the Public Water Debate

Water at the World Economic Forum. Interview with Dominic Waughray, Director, Head of Environment Initiatives, World Economic Forum

What’s the issue – why water?
Increasing water scarcity in many parts of the world is escalating the complex political and social dynamics generated when tackling water challenges. To collaborate effectively on how best to use scarce water resources is a difficult task. Partnerships between business, government and communities can offer a useful solution.
  • Learn more about the Forum's activities on water
  • Regional Activities of the Water Initiative
  • Industry Partnerships on Water
  • Promoting a Global Dialogue on Water"
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